Yoga Enriching Schools
 offers programs in Physical Education, Elective, and After-School classes for grades k to12. Yoga Enriching Schools works with each school administration to provide an individualized program and curriculum to meet the school culture and student population needs. Our program brings together over 14 years of public education service of teaching and administration for Los Angeles  public and charter schools, and over 25 years of yoga teachers’ training and yoga classes in Pasadena, California. Together we bring this unique blend of educational experience and yoga training and techniques to serve our communities’ schools and youth.

"Yoga is a science of physics, geometry, chemistry and biology. As educators, when we teach students to use these basic laws and properties to improve their physical body, mental focus, and emotional stability, the individual is transformed into a stronger, more confident and productive human being." - Christina Powers, owner.

Yoga In

Pasadena, California